Monday, 19 January 2009

3 wheeler- my old item but good cond!

3 wheeler, cant find the brand, thinking of selling for rm400 (includes shipping), very sturdy, good cond. the tyres are inflatable, u need to pump. the pics from our old house, never been used for a very long time,now in the store,

Guide to Choosing a Pushchair, Pram or Stroller

Need to buy a pushchair? Walk through any town centre and you will see a multitude of proud parents with their baby chariot of choice – but almost every one is different! Confused? As parents we suffered the same confusion and offer this short HelloBaby Guide to help you navigate the maze.

Firstly there is no perfect solution, but with the right approach you will be able to reduce the choices and find a product which meets your main needs.

Let’s start by looking at lifestyle - this will determine the type of pushchair to consider.


Terrain – For town use, small wheels are fine, for walks in the country/fields larger wheels are easier and are essential for beach walking. The all-terrain options usually have 3 large wheels and are very manoeuvrable and suitable for jogging with baby.

Where you live - Coping with stairs, access and pushchair storage need to be considered.

Transportation – If you frequently travel by car then the pushchair will need to fit into the boot and be easy to fold. Use of buses requires a lightweight pushchair which is also easy to fold. Some pushchair packages come with compatible car seats and/or carrycots – remember that baby must be carried in an approved car seat correctly fitted into the car.

Shopping – Pushchairs have limited capability to transport shopping. Some pushchairs have a rigid or netting tray at wheel level for carrying things. Please note that it is not advisable to carry shopping bags on the handles of a pushchair since it makes it unstable.

Cost -The lowest cost pushchair will have a limited life and be far less sturdy than a mid-range model. As the costs of the pushchair rises there is an increasing trend to provide “nice to have” features which are not always necessary, such as bags and footmuffs. Remember that a mid-range pushchair with a life of say 3 years is equivalent to the cost of a sip of latte per day at Starbucks!


Age range. For a newborn the pushchair should have the capability to allow baby to lie flat. For a usable life of several years the pushchair must be of a solid construction with minimum plastic components.

Baby bonding – Some pushchairs allow the handle to be reversed to allow eye to eye contact.

Walking Exercise - A great way to regain fitness. A good sturdy pushchair with mid to large wheels is a great asset.

Handles - Adjustable height handles are great in preventing stooping and back pain especially when there is height difference between baby’s parents.

Foot rests - These are essential as baby grows.

Types of “Chariots”.

Please note that this is a general description – unfortunately there is no conformity of description by the manufacturers. For Pushchair also read Buggy and Stroller and be careful when talking to your American. friends who often say Buggy for what you will call Pram.

Pram - This is very traditional and has direct links to Mary Poppins! Usually baby can only lie flat and there is limited scope for folding. Prams are not a popular option these days. Limited usage life. Formally defined as a cot on wheels!

Fixed seat Pushchair - These generally have a fixed seat and are suitable for babies from 6 months. Generally of a light construction.

2-in-1 Pushchair - This usually means a pushchair which also allows baby to lie flat. Some allow baby to be backward facing. Some manufacturers ignore the lie flat and include a car seat in the 2-in-1 option. Suitable for the newborn.

2-in-1-Plus - This usually includes a removable seat or car seat with integral handles to act as a small carrycot. Great for moving a sleeping baby into the house.

3-in-1 Pushchair - This is the 2-in-1 category with a removable carry cot which can also act as a Moses Basket. Some models have removable seats and others more usually have seats which fold to allow the cot to be positioned. Can be used from newborn to toddler but can be heavy due to the required sturdiness.

Travel Systems - These are increasingly popular as they offer a complete integrated transportation system with minimum disturbance to a sleeping baby. Developed by the car seat manufacturers they offer an integrated pushchair and removable car seat. The car seat is categorised by weight bands and therefore have a limited life but the pushchair is fine from about 3 months. Versions are available with padded foot muffs and a bag for “stuff” as well as the car seat.

All Terrain Pushchairs - These usually have 3 large wheels (up to 500mm), pneumatic tyres and are very manoeuvrable across all types of terrain. Also good for use while jogging to get those muscles into their final trim!

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