Thursday, 29 January 2009

M&P Ecko 3 and double pram

M&P Ecko 3 360 3 wheeler-open for offer, any good offer?

double buggy-rm250

more pics here

Friday, 23 January 2009

Toys-revised price & Slides -Sold / booked- June

Toys -reduced to rm350-for 7 items, shipping included

for other stuff

the boys with slides in youtube

must be collected from Sg Buloh in April 09

maclaren triumph- asked for so many times, but no final booking

hires pics here

Monday, 19 January 2009

3 wheeler- my old item but good cond!

3 wheeler, cant find the brand, thinking of selling for rm400 (includes shipping), very sturdy, good cond. the tyres are inflatable, u need to pump. the pics from our old house, never been used for a very long time,now in the store,

Guide to Choosing a Pushchair, Pram or Stroller

Need to buy a pushchair? Walk through any town centre and you will see a multitude of proud parents with their baby chariot of choice – but almost every one is different! Confused? As parents we suffered the same confusion and offer this short HelloBaby Guide to help you navigate the maze.

Firstly there is no perfect solution, but with the right approach you will be able to reduce the choices and find a product which meets your main needs.

Let’s start by looking at lifestyle - this will determine the type of pushchair to consider.


Terrain – For town use, small wheels are fine, for walks in the country/fields larger wheels are easier and are essential for beach walking. The all-terrain options usually have 3 large wheels and are very manoeuvrable and suitable for jogging with baby.

Where you live - Coping with stairs, access and pushchair storage need to be considered.

Transportation – If you frequently travel by car then the pushchair will need to fit into the boot and be easy to fold. Use of buses requires a lightweight pushchair which is also easy to fold. Some pushchair packages come with compatible car seats and/or carrycots – remember that baby must be carried in an approved car seat correctly fitted into the car.

Shopping – Pushchairs have limited capability to transport shopping. Some pushchairs have a rigid or netting tray at wheel level for carrying things. Please note that it is not advisable to carry shopping bags on the handles of a pushchair since it makes it unstable.

Cost -The lowest cost pushchair will have a limited life and be far less sturdy than a mid-range model. As the costs of the pushchair rises there is an increasing trend to provide “nice to have” features which are not always necessary, such as bags and footmuffs. Remember that a mid-range pushchair with a life of say 3 years is equivalent to the cost of a sip of latte per day at Starbucks!


Age range. For a newborn the pushchair should have the capability to allow baby to lie flat. For a usable life of several years the pushchair must be of a solid construction with minimum plastic components.

Baby bonding – Some pushchairs allow the handle to be reversed to allow eye to eye contact.

Walking Exercise - A great way to regain fitness. A good sturdy pushchair with mid to large wheels is a great asset.

Handles - Adjustable height handles are great in preventing stooping and back pain especially when there is height difference between baby’s parents.

Foot rests - These are essential as baby grows.

Types of “Chariots”.

Please note that this is a general description – unfortunately there is no conformity of description by the manufacturers. For Pushchair also read Buggy and Stroller and be careful when talking to your American. friends who often say Buggy for what you will call Pram.

Pram - This is very traditional and has direct links to Mary Poppins! Usually baby can only lie flat and there is limited scope for folding. Prams are not a popular option these days. Limited usage life. Formally defined as a cot on wheels!

Fixed seat Pushchair - These generally have a fixed seat and are suitable for babies from 6 months. Generally of a light construction.

2-in-1 Pushchair - This usually means a pushchair which also allows baby to lie flat. Some allow baby to be backward facing. Some manufacturers ignore the lie flat and include a car seat in the 2-in-1 option. Suitable for the newborn.

2-in-1-Plus - This usually includes a removable seat or car seat with integral handles to act as a small carrycot. Great for moving a sleeping baby into the house.

3-in-1 Pushchair - This is the 2-in-1 category with a removable carry cot which can also act as a Moses Basket. Some models have removable seats and others more usually have seats which fold to allow the cot to be positioned. Can be used from newborn to toddler but can be heavy due to the required sturdiness.

Travel Systems - These are increasingly popular as they offer a complete integrated transportation system with minimum disturbance to a sleeping baby. Developed by the car seat manufacturers they offer an integrated pushchair and removable car seat. The car seat is categorised by weight bands and therefore have a limited life but the pushchair is fine from about 3 months. Versions are available with padded foot muffs and a bag for “stuff” as well as the car seat.

All Terrain Pushchairs - These usually have 3 large wheels (up to 500mm), pneumatic tyres and are very manoeuvrable across all types of terrain. Also good for use while jogging to get those muscles into their final trim!

Friday, 16 January 2009

7 Toys

Mega blocks For Wee builder.70pcs

Toy for the buggy, in very good condition (on the heater)

Battery Operated Book for your wee one. One book with Mr. Humpy Dumpy, Lullaby Baby, Twinkle Twinkle little Star, Old McDonald Had A farm etc. And when the baby touch the star it will play twinkle twinkle and when ever the baby touch the object in every page it will play the song.

Construction Set for wee one. The saw make sawing sound, nail make funny sound when you hit it, and screww make a sound also when you try to screw it and the other tool make sound and light up. It's 1.6 kg.

Nice Lego set for young one to start learning building something.

Fisher Price Car park toy for the wee one who loves playing cars.

Selling as a bundle, looking for RM450 (shipping included)

Jane Powertracker

It's Jane powertracker,very exclusive item, very clean and nice look, using this pushchair is like driving Merz! One of the best pushchairs in the UK. can consider rm1100 (includes shipping but must collect from my house in KL, Sg Buloh) for car seat and pram, rain cover, i can dump few cuddly toys, very nice, brand new might cost RM2k++, the shipping is a bit costly due to its size.

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

slide, toys


letting go our slide, only used during summer time, 2 different sizes, same brand SMoby, very sturdy as its name, rm250 for 2, collect from S Buloh, items are in good cond. except dirty, wee clean is good enuf,

check out my other stuff,coming soon cos i am too lazy to list down

Bob the builder table and fisher price train station-BOOKED/SOLD
pls take note, no trains , no tools, on its base , u can buy separately, hence both for rm30

all 7 items for sale,pls give me your reasonable offer.

click here
just decided to sell as one, easier for packaging and shipping, feel free to offer ur best price,
items are in super good cond. all complete, nothing is missing.
items are fisher price,megablok,lego,elc, vtech (if i m not mistaken)

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

maclaren vogue and M&P

Maclaren vogue with raincover (RM200) BOOKED/SOLD and M&P (mama and papa) (RM250)
Hi res photo


saya akan hold dulu item berikut disebabkan overload dgn email. Memandangkan barangan ini adalah hak personal, jadi saya letak mana yg saya rasa ok utk dijual, yg hampir baru dan good cond. Selebihnya bergantung kpd anda utk membuat penilaian. Saya juga akan letak barangan drp kawan dan komuniti disini yg ingin di letgo. Barangan yg diletakkan disini sudah termasuk harga shipping ke Msia, cuma hendaklah di ambil personally dr rumah saya nanti. Details will be given via email.Salam

p/s sekiranya ada tawaran yg hendak dibuat dont hesitate, just inform , saya akan consider kalau tidak merugikan saya, mungkin setengah barang mahal harga yg diletak, tapi saya kena consider, harga yg dibeli dulu. Apa-apa cadangan boleh hubungi saya.Buat masa ini saya tak berhajat utk jadikan sbg commercial domain, tapi kalau ada permintaan, boleh saya carikan dr local area terutama dr local community.

Sunday, 11 January 2009

personal items for sale

1)LeapFrog Learn & Groove Activity Station-rm200

Technical Details

  • Introduces infants to learning through music and play
  • Activities help develop fine and gross motor skills
  • Teaches infants the alphabet, number names, counting 1 to 5, colours, language development, and cause and effect
  • Music mode features real instrument sounds and various musical styles
  • Features ‘dance step’ piano keys with sparkling lights that flash in sequence
  • The disco ball spins as baby turns
  • Easy height adjustment to 3 different positions as baby grows
  • Folds completely flat for easy travel and storage
  • Integrated travel handle makes carrying a breeze
  • Comfy seat rotates 360 degrees and has a machine washable comfort pad
  • Requires 3x AA batteries (not included)
  • Manufacturer's recommended age: 4 months to walking age
  • Specifications
    Product Information
    Length:23.2 centimetres
    Height:72.1 centimetres
    Width:71.1 centimetres
    weight:9.5 kilograms

3)Items withdrawn from offer

The Quinny Freestyle 3XL Comfort is a sporty model that can

withstand rough handling. But in spite of its rugged appearance, it’s remarkably manoeuvrable, thanks to its unique City Swivel Wheel. The front wheel (which can also be locked) rotates 360°, which means that the Quinny Freestyle 3XL Comfort can turn a corner or completely around smoothly and with minimal effort, particularly handy when navigating through narrow shop aisles! A special frame construction makes the Freestyle 3XL Comfort exceptionally stable.

The Quinny Freestyle 3 XL Comfort 3-in-1 travel system is ideal for use with the popular Maxi-Cosi infant car seats. Together, these two brands guarantee optimum safety, userfriendliness and comfort.

Description of the Quinny Freestyle 3 XL Comfort: 360° Spinning Comfort

  • Highly manoeuvrable front wheel that can rotate 360 degrees, Front wheels can be locked

  • Quick-release 12" aluminum wheels with pneumatic tires

  • Easy removable pushchair seat

  • Convertible seat, forward and rearward facing

  • Seat backrest is adjustable, also in horizontal position

  • New easy to use safety lock

  • Handbrake works on both rear wheels, Hand-brake mounted on handle offers superior control

  • Integrated transport / folding lock

  • Ideal travel system in combination with Maxi-Cosi car seat and Dreami carrycot

  • 5-position adjustable handle eases comfort and accommodates individual preferences

  • Large under-seat basket

  • Easily folds up to fit in car trunks

  • Lightweight aluminum frame is easy to maneuver

  • Revolutionary tilt steering system on the front wheels

  • Removable 2-part sun canopy with pockets and a mesh window

  • Adjustable 5-point harness system

The Freestyle 3XL Comfort comes with a

  • sun canopy

  • rain cover
  • mosquito net
  • and basket.

All Quinny pushchairs meet the strictest requirements, including the new EN1888 European safety standard for buggies and pushchairs.

The Buzz DREAMI carrycot allows baby to lie flat and can be used until baby is old enough to sit upright. It forms a pram when attached to the Quinny Freestyle. Features a Padded mattress with washable liner, Adjustable hood & Integral carry handle. Apron, rain cover and mosquito net included to keep your baby protected.

Size: LxWxH, 84 x 48.5 x 60cm. 6.9kg

Maxi Cosi CABRIO ... all the support a newborn baby needs but it's also roomy enough for 12 to 15-month-old toddlers. A padded head hugger is included to support a new baby's head and neck, as well as extra side padding, which can be removed as your baby grows. This car seat fits almost every type of car using a 3-point seat belt. The ergonomic carrying handle makes it easy to carry a sleeping baby into the house or car.

Size: LxWxH, 71 x 43,5 x 65 cm

Weight: 2,75kg

timberland boots -sold

the little boy ones are size 6, they are well worn, but in good condition, im selling it for rm85 and the girls pink ones are brand new, worn only once, they are size 9, im looking for rm150

pls take note,i ll try my best to describe precisely, some of the items are not mine (belong to friends)i akan balik april 09, kontena start shipping march, item insyaAllah akan sampai April. Kene collect dr rumah di Sg Buloh.Detail payment,alamat,contact kemdian, item first come first serve. Would prefer deposit ,half price.Thanks